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Red Hill
Droughtmasters was established
by Karen & Walter Hodgins in 2005 using Billabong, Parawanga, Haigslea and Minlacowie cattle.  Walter assisted in the management of commercial cattle and sheep properties from an early age; he studied at an Agricultural College and had great success showing and judging cattle.  At the age of 16 he won the National Steer Show Cattle Judging Competition.  Karen also has a long history in livestock and has a keen eye for detail.

Red Hill is a small stud of about 35 breeders and is concentrating on quality, structure and temperament.  We have chosen droughtmaster cattle for their low maintenance and high tolerance to diverse conditions, the droughtmaster is an exceptional commercial cattle breed.  The herd goes through a strict culling process on an annual basis where all breeders are reviewed with only the best performers kept in the breeding program.


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Our aim is to be producing high quality commercial bulls and future stud sires.  We are putting our bulls up against the best in the breed in the show ring and have won a number of Broad Ribbons including Grand Champion Droughtmaster Bull at Sunshine Coast Show. 
Red Hill will have a quality selection for this years’ Brisbane Royal and are planning for continued success.



Red Hill Hot Red

The Dorper, a sheep breed established in the 1930’s by crossing Blackhead Persian ewes with a Dorset Horn ram was first introduced to Australia in 1996. Dorpers are now the fastest growing meat breed in Australia due to their excellent suitability to Australian conditions. The Dorper sheep is very hardy and highly adaptable to varying grazing & climatic conditions. Dorpers are also known for their fast weight gain and self shedding fleece. Dorper ewes also have great maternal instincts and high fertility rates, lambing percentages in South Africa of 150% are not uncommon. Rams have been known to start working at 5 months of age.




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